Bays & Bows

Bay and Bow Windows

A Bay or Bow Window can brighten up any New Jersey home! These decorative styled windows go beyond the house wall and can enhance any room, bringing in more natural light. Great for livening up a small space, Bay and Bow Windows can be casement, double-hung or picture units. The best part about Bay and Bow Windows is that they complement any home’s architecture. Homeowners can even create a reading nook or an additional shelving area from the base. Carl’s can install any Bay or Bow Window design that you can imagine for your home!  You can choose from a variety of styles and sizes along with beautiful frames and panels.

Bay Windows

Usually made up of three windows, with one fixed in the center surrounded by two venting windows. Frame options include wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Bow Windows

Typically made up of four or more windows that form a smooth curve. Frame options include wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.



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